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I am an artist living in the West Midlands, England. While I’ve only had limited formal art training I’ve always painted and drawn, improving by practice and the generous examples of other artists.

For a while I was fortunate to work professionally as both an Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

At the heart of my work are the things which make me feel good. So many things inspire me and fuel my imagination: seascapes; fossils and ancient life; insects, mossy covered rocks; twisty-turny, gnarly trees; my cats; myths and legends; standing stones and fantasy and comic books. All crop up from time to time, or quietly influence my work.

When possible I love to paint and sketch outdoors in both watercolour and acrylic. My all-time favourite painting haunts are East Devon and South Cornwall, and I long for their rugged coasts and magical, mossy undercliffs. But as I expand my painting, I’m becoming keen to explore more local landscapes, and particularly those of rural Staffordshire.

I enjoy working in oils or alkyds, but over the past year I’ve switched almost exclusively to acrylics. I find their fast drying opaque properties suit my style.

I’m learning all the time, absorbing inspiration and ideas wherever I find them. And that keeps me engaged, there’s always so much still to learn.

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