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I’d like to share a few links to the blogs, websites and Twitter accounts of other artists I admire. Without exception they all inspire and amaze me with their individual creativity and sheer skill.

Many I’ve enjoyed for years, while others I’ve only discovered through Twitter where there’s a thriving virtual community of artists working in all media. And as I discover more I’ll add their links below.  Why not pay them a visit?

The links

Adebanji Alade – painter – blog

Ray Balkwill – painter – website

Andrew Bill – sculptor – website

Ann Blockley – painter – website and blog

Antony Bridge – en plein air painter – website

Julie Caves – painter – website

Jackie Curtis – painter and printmaker – website

Birdie Fincham – painter and illustrator – blog

Anthony Greentree – artist and designer – website

Celia Hart – illustrator and printmaker – website

Kurt Jackson – painter – website

Dee Nickerson – painter – Twitter account

Richard Pikesley – painter – Richard doesn’t seem to have a dedicated website, so this link will take you to the Royal Watercolour Society pages for a taste of his work.

Dave Pilgrim – en plein air painter – website

Valerie Pirlot – en plein air painter – website

Jean Stevens – artist and printmaker – blog

Haidee-Jo Summers – painter – blog

Chris Williams – painter – blog



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