Privacy Policy

This page is the Privacy Policy for and your continued use of this site indicates your acceptance of this policy. 

My site

My website is built on WordPress. It is a simple affair which I use as a platform to blog about my art, share techniques and pictures, highlight works for sale, and present the odd review. 

As at July 2018 it has been idle for over a year, but I am now reviving and refreshing it. If any changes will impact on how I store and process personal information I will revise and re-publish this policy, so please check back frequently. However, at the moment any changes I make are likely to be cosmetic.


Read my full cookie information here, however the bottom line is: my site issues cookies and some of these are tracking cookies. 

My WordPress site is ‘self-hosted’ and I have complete control to run it without having to display adverts. The machinery behind online adverts uses cookies which track your on-line behaviour. You should not find any adverts popping up on my site.

However, I do use a couple of commonly used management tools to help me fine tune my site. Like adverts, these also set tracking cookies (see my cookie information page). If you are not comfortable with that, there are things you can do including:

  1. stop visiting my site, although obviously I hope you don’t choose this option;
  2. change the settings on your browser to block cookies.

Your personal information

Whenever I specifically ask you for personal information I will only ever ask for just enough information to complete the task in hand.

Usually I will ask for personal information when you:

  1. subscribe so you can get an email alert when I publish a new post or if you
  2. enquire about buying artwork.

I will never knowingly share with, rent or sell any of this personal information to any third party except to comply with the law or defend my legal rights.

Making changes to the information I hold about you

If you’d like to amend or delete any or all of the details I hold about you just email and I will sort it out.

What do I store and how is it stored?

Below I outline what personal data I might collect from you, why I collect it and how it is stored and used.

1) For managing subscriptions

At various locations on my site you will find a link offering you the opportunity to ‘subscribe’ (note: temporarily removed pending maintenance). By following this and completing a short form you can grant me permission to contact you to:

  • alert you when I publish a new blog post;
  • send you details about specific activities I’m involved in such as exhibitions;
  • tell you whenever I make changes to my Privacy Policy i.e. this page.

To manage your subscription I need only your name and email address.

Subscribing is a 2 stage process. After you complete and submit the form you will be automatically sent a confirmation email. 

If you choose not to activate the confirmation button in this email within two weeks of receiving it, your subscription will not be activated. Your name and email will then be removed from the list.

If you choose to confirm, your name and email address will be added to my subscriber list. 

This list is stored in:

  • my Word Press site so my subscriber management plug-in can automatically issue an email to you when I publish a new post. I can also access it from the site to send you the other types of information as noted above;
  • weekly back ups of my whole Word Press site. The site is backed up automatically once a week to my password protected DropBox account. 3 copies of the site are kept covering the last 3 weeks. The oldest is then automatically overwritten. If my site crashes, I can reinstate it from the most recent back up.

I will never add anyone to this list without their written permission.

2) Sales, Enquiries and Purchases

At the moment I do not have a dedicated sales mechanism on my site or an external ‘shopfront’ like Etsy. This may change.

Until that time any enquiries should be made direct to me by email, 

I will store in my email client those items of our correspondence which are needed to fulfil your enquiry. This correspondence will include your name, email address, your physical address (home and/or delivery address) and phone number. 

All sales will be fulfilled through PayPal for which I only need your email address. I will never ask you for your credit card details.

If you buy artwork I will ask you to confirm in writing (email is fine) that you consent to me keeping your name, address, telephone number and email address, along with details of the artwork you bought on my artwork register. 

This register is my artwork ‘bible’. Besides being a record of the sale it is also valuable as part of the provenance trail. I might also use it should I ever need to contact you about borrowing the artwork back for future exhibitions or articles etc.

I will store any information relating to sales and the register in password protected folders on my laptop. 

Every week my entire laptop is backed up and this information is copied onto 2 separate and encrypted portable disks. If my laptop crashes, I can reinstate it from the most recent back up.

Finally, I will retain a record your name as a carbon copy in a physical receipt book once I’ve sent you the original paper receipt with your purchase.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Although most changes are likely to be minor, I may change elements of this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please check back here frequently for any changes. If you subscribe to alerts, I will let you know by email that a change has taken place.

Your continued use of this site following any change in this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such change.

Amended 6th July 2018