I hope the following FAQs will answer some of your more common queries.

Got a question that’s not on here? Just leave a comment or contact me at mailme@adeturner-artist.com and I’ll get back to you – well, as long as it’s related to my artwork anyway (I’ll be less than useless if it’s anything to do with politics, sports, cars,  plumbing, fashion, travel…)

Q: Have you ever exhibited?

A: As yet no, I haven’t yet, although it’s a possibility I’d like to work towards.

Q: Do you sell your work?

A: I have occasionally sold paintings, usually on commission (such as the ‘Cow’ and ‘Jasper’ the cat, both in my Gallery). Unfortunately other time commitments have not made it easy for me to take a more sustained commercial approach.  This may change.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Very rarely. However, if you have something in mind just ask and I’ll get back to you, but please don’t be offended if I decline.

Q: Do you just paint?

A: No, I love trying new things, so I’m always likely to be experimenting with something new. I’m about to start exploring relief printing from linocuts. I really love the end results I’ve seen other artists achieve. It really appeals, but I’m very much a beginner.

Q: What’s your favourite painting medium?

A: A while ago I would have said oils, watercolour, and then it was acrylics. I’ve just picked up gouache again and for some reason it’s now clicked with me. You’ll be seeing me using this medium far more frequently now.

Q: Do you prefer any particular brands?

A: TBH I tend to be very conservative when buying new paints in any medium. I’ve been wedded to Winsor and Newton for years, particularly their Artist’s ranges. And I particularly love their Artist’s acrylics. Thick bodied, rich and with very little shift between wet and dry colours.

However, I did use Liquitex acrylics for a while – very good paints.  In watercolour I may stray into other ranges such if there’s a paint of particular colour or characteristic unavailable in W&N.

Q: Do you have a set palette of colours?

A: Yes, I do. Very traditional pairings of warm and cool primaries supplemented with earth colours and occasional ‘guests’:

Titanium and Mixing White;

Lemon Yellow and Cadmium Yellow;

Cadmium Red and Alizarin Crimson;

Ultramarine Blue (red shade) and Cobalt Blue;

Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna;


I usually use a subset of these e.g. I love using just Raw Sienna and Ultramarine Blue together in watercolour.

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