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Nearly through Drawing August

Well I’m certainly getting practice at portraits with this Drawing August Twitter malarkey. And I’m sticking to my guns having chosen a set of three self imposed restrictions, all of which are personally challenging:

  • portraits only – because I mostly suck at drawing people
  • pen only – all marks will remain on show
  • time limit of fifteen minutes maximum – to focus the mind
Day 12 Drawing August
Day 12

Now, after completing twenty four days of the challenge, I am starting to notice an improvement over my earlier attempts. My line is more confident, and I’m starting to get a memory for the curves which make up a face.

Day 11 Drawing August
Day 11

Progress however is definitely jerky and not a smooth curve, and I do often make the same mistakes. Even when I can see where I’m going awry I often plough on regardless and regret it later. But at least I know where I’m falling over; things will get better. Wouldn’t be a challenge if it wasn’t difficult!

Day 21 Drawing August
Day 21
Day 23 Drawing August
Day 23

I’ve also noticed an improvement since I stopped using my fine 005 Pigma micron (the nib split) and jumped up to a 03, a thicker nib. I think the harder, darker mark forces clearer thought and analysis. It seems to have made me work more economically using fewer lines to better effect.

An added bonus is that my colleagues, who have all been so generous in sitting for me, are now less wary of how their faces are going to fare when rendered in pen by me…

With only a few days left I’m looking forward to seeing what my final set of drawings will be like. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Nearly through Drawing August”

  1. Jeez, Ade, advanced mathematics as well as having to think of a comment, I’m exhausted!
    I think your commitment to Drawing August is admirable and you’re very brave to choose portraits at work as your task, where you’re immediately under pressure to not only do a ‘good’ drawing but make it look like the subject. I take my hat off to you – you know, the sheesh pink fur one with the lovely big feathers!!

    1. And I always liked that hat Andy – thanks 🙂

      The portrait theme has been very good for me throughout #DrawingAugust on Twitter.

      It’s given me the opportunity for a lot of practice. Going to leave a bit of a hole when it’s finished – although there’s always #PaintSeptember…

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