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So that was Skymarch

Skymarch has been the latest of the monthly Twitter tagged ‘challenges’ which I’ve found so very helpful in driving my motivation since August last year. Now, with March coming to an end I’d like to gather together the items I’ve submitted for #skymarch.

All the challenges are informal, accepting submissions as and when.  Many artists have committed to post new material each day, but despite my best intentions for me this isn’t always practical. For one thing I seem to be falling asleep in the chair most evenings. What can I say? I need my beauty sleep. It takes a lot of effort to stay looking this good… *coughs*

With this practice I think my handling of acrylics is improving; the characteristics of the medium are starting to sink in.  I’ve deliberately tried to restrict myself to a few minutes for each sketch.  Many have only taken around 15 minutes.

I did submit a couple of finished paintings: Chun Quoit (from around ten years ago) and Charmouth from the west.  OK, I know, using an old painting is cheating I guess, but I know you’ll never tell…  All the rest are sketches, and here they are:

You can see a selection of other artists’ submissions gathered together by Ian Gordon Craig on his Pinterest page.