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My first submission, and this time it’s personal…

Well, that’s all done and dusted, the die are cast.  I made my first submission of three entries to the Staffordshire Open Art exhibition this morning.  Now all I can do now is wait.

My first submission to Staffs Open Arts exhibition
Posing with my Staffs Open Art entries

It’s odd, but to be honest how I feel has taken me by surprise.  A touch of the butterflies is usual of course when trying anything new, but running underneath there’s something different too.

For me this feels like I’m laying down a direct challenge to the selection panel and in someway exposing my soul: “Here’s my work; go on then, judge me!” Now, I post up my paintings for the world to see on Twitter all the time, so it’s not just the idea of presenting work at play here. I think the physical hand-over has made it feel a lot more personal, and now I’m ridiculously nervous.

Ah well, deep breath and a glass of something soothing served as a double will set it right.  At least I don’t have long to wait for the decision – sometime next week. Fingers crossed.