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Welcome to the blog of Ade Turner artist!

So, this is my first ‘official’ art blog post. And I think it’s going to be a bit of a rambler, so bear with me.

It’s been a long road to get here. I don’t mean actually creating this blog, although that continues to be a massive learning cliff, more the personal journey lurking in the background.

From my days as a smallish sproglet right through to my late thirties I was constantly, obsessively creative: painting, drawing, sculpting, wood carving, modelling, silk painting, knitting, sewing – you name it. I worked for around two decades as illustrator, graphic designer and promotions bod for a couple of excellent community countryside projects.  And I guess for a while back there I was a professional drawist.

Then something shifted. Time’s tide rolled in and suddenly, or so it seemed, my lovely mum and dad grew older. As their health declined so my own family’s life slipped into limbo as I took on the role of carer.

My art, while still there, lost much of it’s appeal and for many years I think a gnawing, low level depression numbed me despite the best efforts of my ever-patient, talented and gorgeous wife. I did creative stuff, but rarely with my old level of enthusiasm. Then my world of work changed and generally became a far less certain place.

I found it easier to muck about on my Xbox than to actually get my finger out and create something: get home, turn it on, switch brain off, go to bed.  Momentarily enjoyable, but ultimately pointless with nothing tangible for hours/days of input.

But last year I took the first step to break out of my malaise. I went cold turkey on the Xbox and set about sculpting the Hulk and Spider-man (yes, I like comic books, and yes, you’ll get to see the sculpt later). It felt good. Then a few months ago my dad had to move into permanent residential care. It’s been a difficult and emotional few months, but to my surprise oddly beneficial for both of us.

For my part I have more time to think, and my creative spark’s starting to come back.  I went all digital in August and I joined Twitter and haven’t looked back since. It’s home to a very friendly, talented and  buzzing virtual commune of artists in many fields. I’ve jumped into various community activities like #thedailysketch, #drawingaugust, #printoctober, #portraitnovember, #stilldecember and currently #sketchjanuary – really inspiring, like a virtual college.

Now I want to build on this positive experience and keep the momentum going – hence this blog. And what for the future? It’s very early days, but I hope to be able to offer work for direct sale from here, and beyond that maybe even seek gallery representation.

But that’s for the future, for now I hope you’ll stick around, have a natter and enjoy the journey with me; it’s going to be fun!

Ade  🙂


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog of Ade Turner artist!”

    1. Hey, how are you keeping Laura? You’re right, it is exciting – I keep saying it’s scary too, mainly because by choosing to self host this blog I’ve had to get my head round all sorts of techy stuff! Keep watching, more posts coming soon:)

  1. Great stuff Ade. My creative spark is returning too , but don’t quite have the skills you do! Keep those studies coming.

    1. Thanks very much Clare. Good to hear you’re sparking again. I think the trick is to keep the momentum going once you’ve got going – not always easy I know when you’re busy, busy, busy.

  2. Hi Ade,
    Great to see you’re up and running. Hats off to you – you’ve achieved something really impressive with this site. Right, you’ve got your shop window now – go for it!!
    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy,
      And glad you like it, it’s been a long time coming.
      Still tinkering away behind the scenes mind (frankly I’m amazed I haven’t made something go permanent bye-bye yet; there’s time yet…)
      And yes, I will go for it… now, what is ‘it’ exactly?? 🙂
      Take care, Ade

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